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Multiple Wire Saw for small size wafers

TRUSTWELL multi-wire saw uses the well-electroplated diamond saw.
Electroplated diamond saw, compared to traditional methods of free abrasives which use slurry improves process yield, by reducing the processing time for slicing, spacing, and residual strain of the waste heat recovery power generation material and brittle materials
such as sapphire or SiC. Because of using a water base cutting fluid, OTW series, recovery and recycling sludge can be colected. Low operating costs of OTW achieves revolutionary environmentally friendly.

小径マルチワイヤーソー OTW201シリーズ


  • Up-to 4 inch size wafers or blocks
  • Down cutting process by using high perContactance electroplated diamond wire
  • Slurry is not required to use the fixed abrasive.
  • Supports a variety of materials processing by varying the speed of wire
  • Can be diced by the indexing table option
  • Centrifugal automatic sludge separator
  • Small footprint, Easy maintenance


Maximum work size D:90mm L:100mm
Wire feed method Reciprocating motion
Wire diameter 0.12〜0.26 mm
Wire feed speed 30〜100m/min
Wire tension 15〜30N
Cutting feed speed 0.1〜5mm/min
Fast feed/back feed speed 150mm/min
Maximum wire amount of preparation 3000m(D:0.26mm)
Dimension(W*D*H) 1333*775*2155mm
Weight 570kg

Electrochemical CV profiler CVP21

CVP21 can analysis various wafer quality such as doping, uniContactity of
doping,and surface quality precisely by etching the small area on wafers.
By switching to mercury lamps and halogen lamps with smart and dedicated software, a wide band-gap corresponds to. Moreover without any hardware calibration, a wide range of up to 1×10¹²/cm³ ~ 1×10²¹/cm³ can be analysed.


  • Fully automated multiple points measurement on the wafer
  • Easy sample preparation = Sample cut is unnecessary
  • Sample only locally destroyed =Typically 1mm² or 10mm² meas. area
  • 1×10¹²/cm³ ~ 1×10²¹/cm³ wide range and 1nm resolution 100μm range at depth
  • Usable as well for 8 inch large, as for small samples under 10mm


Laser Scanning Imager

Laser scanning Imager is the new observation device which conquered the weakness of the conventional microscope such as the CCD camera and the linear sensor.
Unprecedented wide area are scanned at high speed together while applying a laser to the measurement surface vertically. (Example: 60mm width) The extremely large field of view can be acquired at high speed compared with general microscope.
(Example: 0.2 μm of resolution at 4mm width scan) moreover a sharp contrast and also convenient for observation of transparent material by the confocal system.

Laser Scanning Imager


  • The extremely large field of view (100 or more times of a microscope) and long working distance.
  • The sharp contrast confocal type optical system(the same optical system as a laser beam microscope).
  • A long and large raster image can be acquired by the laser microscope optics.
  • Can be acquired extremely high resolution image and be enlarged and scrolled on the PC.
  • The defective analysis on an acquisition picture is available by special image-analysis software.


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